Thomas Chatelard

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…my name is Thomas Chatelard.
Mental et Montagne is the beginning of my third professional life. After the ski environment and the humanitarian world, I decided to reunite the two topic I love into one activity !
I have the profound belief that we all have in ourselves the power to create the future we want.
I accompany you to first define what you really want and then to connect to your inner power.
I want to help you reach what is really important for you !

Lets walk together on the trails leading to your summits.

You are accompanied…

I accompany you on several topics :

  • Personal or Professional changes
  • Traumas and Crisis
  • Parentality
  • Relationships

more details on the page Individual Counselling

You move forward…

…guided by myself. I have been trained since 2011 in Non-Violent Communication and NLP.

I added later Ericksonian Hypnosis and RITMO® to my portfolio to accompany you till you reach your goals.

You change…

…and I am by your side all along also with my Hypnotic Meditations.
Order your personalised one !

You connect…

…to yourself and to others during my retreats !

Seize the alchemy of a magical place and the synergy of the group to initiate or pursue the work and reach your full potential.

Tell me here what you really want to change !…

Individual counselling to walk the path of your happiness, to free yourself from your past and to live your full potential !